The Convair 440 - the very first aircraft to bring tourists to Malaga!
The Convair 440 was a aircraft used by the Finnish Kar-Air airline created in 1957
I'm ready to board...
Entering the Convair 440
Inside the stripped-out interior of the Convair 440
The front wheel of the aircraft with guide light
Ever wondered what the hydraulics look like under a airplane wheel - that sound you hear when you've just taken off...
Propeller and engine
The Beechcraft Model 18, a private aircraft from 1937!
Tail shot of that Beechcraft Model 18, a 6- to 11-seat, twin-engined, low-wing, tailwheel light aircraft manufactured by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas
The DeHavilland Dove aircraft which is awaiting restoration
I quite like it how it is, the worn out kinda been through the jungle look!
This DeHavilland Dove is a British short-haul airliner introduced in 1946
The Douglas DC-3, fully restored and in it awesome spot in the museum, right next to the San Miguel brewing factory!
The Douglas DC-3 was designed in the 1930's and are still in use today!
Side view of the Douglas DC-3 and it's beautiful riveted curves
The old Iberia service building
An original Iberia baggage collector!
Firetruck from the original Malaga airport
Airport service trucks from the original Malaga airport
Think this is a airplanes tyre pressure tester? found it out the back
All these wonderful people have donated money & time into keeping the museum going - well done guys!