Malaga's town hall built in 1919
I asked if I could see inside the town hall and was allowed to the first floor, very decorative staircase!
Statue of a Spanish man grieving in front of the tree lined Alcazaba
Aerial view of Malaga town hall with Malaga Park behind it
Detail of La Malagueta Bullring - carry around the weight of a good zoom lens pays off in moments like this!
Malaga city just before sunset
The trek up to this viewpoint is pretty steep going but the prize of that view is worth it!
Again that zoom came in handy to capture this close up of the Cathedral of Malaga at sunset
That great viewpoint at the top of the Alcazaba - plus it's free too!
Sunset has just settled and those skies over Malaga city...
Looking out onto the harbour of Malaga
On the way down from the viewpoint I noticed this shot nicely lit up at night
Tunnel that goes under the Alcazaba
Many wild cats roam the bottom of the Alcazaba at night, mostly lazing about after the days heat has cooled down a little
These are the one curse of Malaga city - why they let people hire scooters out is beyond me...
Now that's what I call a Spanish mural!
Pose for the camera!
Some great Spanish melodies came out from this guy
The Unicaja Banco lit up at night
I can relate...see next photo...
A well earned beer after a long days sightseeing!
Málaga Centre Mall is also the main train station & bus terminal