Great old city building, now houses the Cortefiel clothing shop
Fuente Isabel La Católica Y Cristobal Colón - a bronze sculpture of Queen Isabella with Christopher Columbus
Caja Rural Granada
Detail of that amazing eagle on the top of Caja Rural Granada
This looks tasty - Cassata!
When in Spain...
Fuente de los Gigantes - great square and fountain
Don't drink the water of that fountain, obviously!
Artesanías Medina, S.L. Spanish fan shop
Catedral de Granada
Edificio Curia Metropolitana
Turkish restaurant seen on the walk to the Alhambra viewpoint, Mirador de San Nicolás
Quite a winding walk up to the top of this viewpoint
The Mirador de San Nicolás - a brilliant spot to view the whole of the Alhambra
Alhambra as seen from the Mirador de San Nicolás viewpoint
A can of Alhambra - a reward for all that walking...
Moorish looking place I saw on the walk down from Mirador de San Nicolás
A typical backstreet in the old part of Granada
Brutalist designed housing structure in Granada
Walkway that takes you along the city to the train station
The symbol of Spain, the Matador