Can you spot the iconic photo of Agatha here?
This great bit of Chinese sculpture blocks a lost doorway
Some of the jewellery discovered on Agatha's travels throughout the world
The cosy kitchen of Agatha's holiday home
The AGA stove and heating system very much famous for that time
A cleverly designed cup!
A traditional toliet
Agatha's bedroom - a cosy bed and ornate lamps
The beautiful and tranquil view from Agatha's bedroom
Her bedroom closet (travelling suitcases in the bottom of the pic)
The writing desk and study where Agatha would write her famous books
All of Agatha Christies original novels in one bookcase
Mysterious painting that hangs in the spare room of the house
One of the very first 'mobile' phones that was most probably very expensive - Agatha and her family liked to spend money!
Now that's one kinda door stopper...
The dining room
Agatha and Max appeared to enjoy a good drink or two
View of the famous 'Boat House' of Greenway and the River Dart
The famous' Boat House' of Greenways as featured in the Agatha Christie novel & TV programme 'Dead Man's Folly' - taken from the ferry I got down to Dartmouth
Approaching the Boat House
The gorgeous view from the Boat House
The interior of the Boat House - the chair on the left was Agatha's favourite!
Information on the history of the Boat House
The novel 'Dead Man's Folly' featuring Greenways & the Boat House in it (in the novel someone gets murdered in the Boat House)
Agatha and the Boat House
Cannons postioned next to the Boat House give a clue to what kind of history the Greenways estate has
This building is at the entrance of Greenways, originally it held some stables (note the Siamese cat)
Cream Tea - Greenways Way!