Russell-Cotes House
Main Hall
Victorian Bust
'Cockatoos, Toucan, Macaw and Parrots' - Henry Stacey Marks
Fountain Mosaic
Hand Carved Chair in the Main Hall
Victorian four seater chair
Wooden Eagle
Main Hall carpeted stairs
Main Hall stairs statue
Main Hall Skylight & Chandelier
Balcony Statue
Paintings on the balcony
Boudoir Hallway
Butterfly glass case
Sumo Wrestlers figurine
Japanese artifacts in the Russell-Cotes collection
Japanese Warrior Armor
The Red Room with a view
Travel memorabilia
'Christmas Morning 1866' - John Brett
Stained glass window at entrance to the Art Galleries
Entrance to the Art Galleries
Bronze Sculpture in the Art Galleries
'Anno Domini' - Edwin Longsden Long
'A Good Joke' - Charles Frederick Goldie
Various Herbs & Spices collected on Russell-Cotes travels
Jerusalem in a box
Figurine Light Holder
Drawing Room Cabinet & Fireplace
Clock in the Drawing Room
Drawing Room Cabinet
Morning Room ceiling
Fireplace in the Morning Room
Russell-Cotes Garden
Russell-Cotes Garden
Japanese Garden & Russell-Cotes House
Japanese Garden & Russell-Cotes House
Anne and Merton Russell-Cotes
Bournemouth - Russell Cotes House from Mark Carnaby on Vimeo.