Doing up the caves in 1951
In the 'Triangle' section of the Hell Fire Caves
Information about the workers who excavated the caves
Cave workers taking a break
The young Sukie in a wedding dress and a lady of the night disguised as a Nun
Information about Most Haunteds visit to the Hell Fire Caves
Not quite the innocent Nun you were expecting
Some folk have been in here for a long time
Sukie the young barmaid who tragically met a untimely death in the caves
There is a bridge to walk over the underground stream of the River Styx but in the past a boat would ferry guests across to the Inner Temple
The underground part of the River Styx
Information on the extraordinary Sir Francis Dashwood 2nd Baronet
We have reached the destination the sacred Inner Temple which Im sure has many a story to tell
Family tree of the Dashwoods
On the way out of the tunnels I spotted this little guy in the rafters
Fresh air is in sight
The Dashwood Mausoleum stands on top of West Wycombe Hill next to the Church of St Lawrence - a bird of prey circles the building
Statues, urns and plaques which commemorate members of the Dashwood family
Statues which commemorate members of the Dashwood family
Memorial plaque for Francis Dashwood 11th Baronet
A urn is missing from this plynth - is this the urn that held Paul Whiteheads heart
The picturesque West Wycombe House and park
The Red Kite bird of prey in action over the hills of West Wycombe
The Golden Ball that sits on top of St Lawrence’s church, designed by Sir Francis Dashwood
The Golden Ball could seat between 6 and 10 people at a time and was described by one guest as 'the best globe tavern I was ever in'
Overlooking the village of West Wycombe from West Wycombe Hill