Trey Ratcliff London Photowalk February 2015

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Last Saturday I got to meet one of my heroes of travel photography, Trey Ratcliff! having just been in Antarctica, then Hong Kong, he was over here in London for one of his famous ‘photowalks’ of which he does all over the world. The weather was not at it’s best, no surprises there! haha but everybody made the most of it and was interesting to hear Trey’s insights on general photography like how he set’s up a shot, choosing the right moment to snap (is there ever one?:p) and a good idea about those times when you see a great sculpture, or some other piece of art, but you feel theres still something lacking to make the photo a keeper, what he does is come back to it another time and see if theres anything else to include in the shot, like people or a interesting sky etc. This was very handy to hear and something I’ve not thought about when I get into a similar situation.

The whole afternoon was quite a blast and I think Trey made it less geeky with his not so serious ‘I’m-a-photographer-get-out-of-my-way’ stance on things! Nice one Trey Ratcliff.

More photos from the day can be seen on the Facebook event over here

Trey setting up a shot of Trafalgar Square ~ note he doesn’t carry a travel size tripod with him! oh no, not this guy!


Giving us some tips about finding a decent spot to take the snaps in Westminster


Going for a HDR of the big wheel, classic Trey Ratcliff style!

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