Trip to Dungeness – The End of the Line!

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I’ve always wanted to visit Dungeness (or ‘barren place by the sea’ as I’ve known it to be!) since seeing some footage on tv a while back, my folks have also been keen to go here but it’s always been an awkward journey to get to in the first place ~ it’s a long drive (can’t really do this on a train in a day), plus there is no ‘standard’ trainline to reach Dungeness, you have to take a special 15-inch gauge train, known as the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway that was opened in 1927 and was also used during World War II to transport troops to and from Dungeness. So for my birthday this year we decided to take a trip to Dungeness to see what we could see!

As well as the photos I snapped there’s a short video of the steam train ride plus a unusual find, a Sound Mirror


The 15-inch gauge steam train we’re getting, No.5 Hercules on the turntable


Last minute checks


Leaving Hythe station


Old station signs at Romney station



Arriving at the end of the line you start to see these wooden beach houses


Shingles, beach houses and not much else – the stark desertness of this place is what makes it attractive


Another custom built beach house


Hercules at the end of the line


Steam engine brass controls


Welcome to Dungeness


Close-up of the old lighthouse (decommissioned in 1961)


Climbing up the inside of the old lighthouse (Over three million bricks were used to build it!)


Special coloured lenses that used to be in placed in the lantern room at the the top of the lighthouse


Close-up of those lenses


These final steps to the lantern room are damn steep!


The lantern room, great views of Dungeness from here


The inner workings of the lanterns


View from the top of the lighthouse, the ‘lantern room’ as it’s called, the building you can see is Dungeness station and you can make out the round train track too


This is the current working lighthouse built in 1960


Not sure why the sea has two different colours but hopefully this is not due to the nuclear power station!


Dungeness nuclear power station (as seen from the top of the old lighthouse


Oh hi there Dad, looking up at me from the bottom of the old lighthouse (think he had enough of the windy weather up there!)


The gauge train coming into Dungeness station


One more of those beautiful beach houses which I saw on the train journey out of Dungeness


No.12 J.B. Snell, a diesel locomotive


Part of a long trek to see the sound mirrors below


I saw this on Google maps and had to find it! a sound mirror (a early warning system for Britain to detect enemy aircraft during WW1)


Sound mirror view 2


Close-up of the sound mirror


Sound mirror detail

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