Urban Wasteland – Markfield Park, South Tottenham, London

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Eager for a mini adventure I was doing a Google map search for skate spots in London and came across this strange development, not strictly listed on GM as a ‘skate park’ so to speak I got curious about this Area 52 type place and headed out for the long journey across town to see what I could see, after train, tube and buses I arrived at what I can only explain as the British “rough as sandpaper” Animal Chin!


I was looking for spots to check out and you can imagine my surprise to see this strange area on Google maps

Click on the photo to zoom in and check out the details.

(Like this zooming in business? check out more from London to China here)

Like the tunes? music credits* for the vid down the bottom of this page…


One of the bowled out areas


Those brave enough (mad enough) could ride over this one…


Extension graffiti


One happy spray can!


From what I can gather the whole park has been built on an old sewage works which included the remains of the concrete walls of the original settlement tanks and filter beds, either way if your gonna skate it be prepared for a bumpy ride! (soft wheels a must!)


One of the many concrete hips


One area of the park has a hall of fame graffiti


When I arrived a guy just finished this, Sonic the Hedgehog




Nice overview of the urban sprawl!


Tight transitions, dodgy cracks…


Double hippy thing


Bank to ledge


Quality bit of old skool graff that


Markfield Beam Engine and Museum located right next to the concrete  park


Good bit on info on the history of the park area


The Markfield Beam Engine that used to do all the water pumping for the sewage works back in 1888


Big wheel of the Beam Engine (took these snaps through a dusty window because the place is only open certain days of the year but you get the idea!)


Pistons and clock gauges


As I was leaving I saw this ~ they made this place for skating back in 1888, they just didn’t know it (yet!)


Note: *Music video credits – Paint It Black by Mohawkestra

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