I Travel To New England, USA (or do I…)

Liked the photos?

You’d be forgiven for thinking I had boarded a plane to North East America and had just touched down in one of the six colonial states of New England! just take a look at these spectacular houses, each one individual in its own right with it’s very own design and colour scheme ~ mostly taken from American colonial architecture of the 19th century, in fact walking around here you get the feeling that you’ve just walked in on the movie set for the film ‘Witness Film‘, wondering if your bump into Harrison Ford doing his bit to defend the Amish community against the local hicks!

Actually the most amazing fact about this place is where it’s situated! no not America but somewhere a lot closer to home (well for me anyway), and probably the last place you would ever think to find such a grandiose set of houses! where I hear you ask?? how did I stumble upon this?? I’ve left the answer at the bottom of this page, not just to keep you in suspense but also so you’re check out the the photos from top to bottom and then be even more amazed at the actual location…

On first entry to the housing estate your greeted by a church/town hall with clock tower and below it is small maze of neatly trimmed hedges, a silver globe sculpture (see the second to last photo for more of that) and sign mapping out all of The Hamptons estate, this is where I start my photo walk…

The town hall or church at the entrance. Along with the structure below you get the feeling your entering something with a bit more eye candy than your usual British council estate.


Lincoln Hall ~ now that’s got ‘US of A’ written all over it!


The classic white picket fence and the light green colour of this house make it quite a winner in my books.


Mama’s rocking chair.


The Hamptons, check out the street names.


In the middle of the estate is a big hill, Mayflower Park, which is nice to chill on and look at the surrounding houses.


It’s ‘Witness’ time! The Amish are very quiet around here…


I’m pretty sure that’s solar paneling on the roof off this blue/grey house, but I’m positive that’s an electricity pylon in the background!


They’ve also got a wetlands area and nature reserve ~ very peaceful surroundings.


Well there’s something you don’t see everyday in England ~ a clean street and colourful shapely designed houses!


The bike locked up at tidily at the porch, the perfectly trimmed hedges, the ‘just been washed’ BMW ahh… good peaceful wholesome living? maybe…




This tree sits nicely in front of the great colours of a colonial designed house


Water sculpture I found wandering around The Hamptons ~ peaceful it was!


I was tempted to correct the aspect ratio of this building but it felt more menacing to leave it like it was!


Pond with extruding balconies ~ tranquil.


Another pond this time a fountain and I’ve added a filter on this photo to give a slightly more dramatic look.


Looking the opposite way of the last photo and you can see this big grand red building towering over everything.


The globe in I was talking about that sits in front of the church/town hall building.


I did wonder where all the security guards had got too…meow for now.


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