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..and many thanks for visiting my brand new photography website! yes it’s been a passion of mine for a good few years now but I’ve never had a proper website to showcase my work so I got round to getting this one up and running. I’ll be adding new & back-dated work up here when possible so keep checking back on here or my social networks where I’ll post updates. On the end of each collection of photos/project there’s some like/share options, always appreciated if you’ve enjoyed the photos!

I’ve also just finished posting up my Barcelona trip photos, which took some serious time to sort out (roughly 3200 shots, whittled down to 350 and at 20 mins average post processing, then a few sets selected for here, well you can do the math ~ my eyeballs are not very happy!) I do have more to post up on Flickr but have chosen my favourites for on here. Incidentally, here’s some that didn’t make it to the portfolio..

Comfy Gaudi seat to relax in..


Bronze signage




Trip to Sea World

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