China Travels ~ Shanghai, The Bund & Slow Internet!

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Yes folks, I’ve finally made it to China! After a lot of planning & saving over the summer months my dream of visiting this extraordinary country has come true. Right now I’m on a train journey to my second destination of Beijing, having just left the delights of Shanghai. As I knew before I arrived over here, the old ‘tinternets does not work so smoothly in China, the ‘China Firewall’ takes care of that! So even posting this up on here is no easy task believe me (we are talking like half an hour to post this!), but I thought I would try and post a few photos if I could so here’s some of Shanghai! Enjoi 🙂


The Beautiful Bund at Night all lit up, think Blade Runner…


Daytime Bund. Being a foreigner and taking photos along the promenade gets quite a bit of attention from the Chinese ~ let’s just say they all want a photo/selfie with you! One group of about ten Chinese folk all wanted a snap each haha it’s like being famous for just being a foreigner. Crazy.


Taxi ride to the main train station in Shanghai. There are good drivers and bad ones. You just gotta hope to get an honest one!


The High speed Train ride from Shanghai to Beijing that I’m on at the very precise moment!

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