Welcome to Nara - a cool sign at Kintetsu Nara Station
This could be a residential building or a shop spotted in the backstreets of Nara city
Vending machines & shrines - Nara life shot
Deer roam freely around Nara mostly in parks but don't be surprised to catch one in the residential areas
Autumn scenery with ginkgo trees at Nara Park, Japan
Todaiji-Hokkedo-kyoko, Nara, Japan
Kasuga-taisha Nammon South Gate, Nara, Japan
Well dressed Japanese couple shopping in Higashimuki Minamimachi, Nara, Japan
Sanjo Dori Street at night, Nara, Japan
Autumn colours by the Katsura River at Arashiyama, Japan
A Long tailed Tit sits in the trees of Tenryu-ji, Arashiyama, Japan
The perfect kept grounds of Tenryu-ji, Arashiyama, Japan
The icon of Japans bullet trains the N700 Series Shinkansen sits waiting to depart at a steamy Kyoto train station
Entering one of the N700 Series Shinkansen or bullet trains I rode from Kyoto
Inside a N700 Series Shinkansen or bullet train another one passing the other way through the window
Early morning departure from Kyoto to Tokyo sunrise from the bullet train window
Kyoto to Tokyo by bullet train and one of the many little towns seen from the window
This went by in a split second but after some PP you can see the Panasonic Solar Ark building out the window of the Kyoto to Tokyo bullet train
As sson as I arrive in Tokyo I head out to Mount Fuji second train of three to get there the NR Series 189 M52 'Holiday Rapid Fujisan'
Clouds grace themself's off the magnificent Mount Fuji
The Fuji Kyuko train is just one of three train options to get to Kawaguchiko Station Mount Fuji
The Fujisan View Express docked at Kawaguchiko Station
Metal wooden shack spotted as I was walking to Lake Kawaguchi Mount Fuji
A view you dont often see of Lake Kawaguchi facing north of the iconic Mount Fuji
Bird of prey I caught a snap of hovering high around Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchi
Mount Fuji dream done!
Kawaguchiko Station home of Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchi