Margate Day Trips Part Two – Whitstable and Margate

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Welcome to Part Two of my Margate Photography Day Trip adventures, if you missed Part One please head over to Margate Day Trips Part One – Broadstairs and Margate to see that also.

If you’ve been checking out my site over the last month or so you would have noticed a new set of photo’s and a video short in the Portfolio section titled ‘Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate‘ (click on the link if you haven’t seen them yet), these were taken from my first ever short break to Margate in July of this year and from that trip I discovered that the journey to and fro to Margate, including the coastal towns along that way, is quite doable in a day and works out roughly about 2.5hrs traveling time.

Since then I’ve taken two more additional day trips to the coastal town of Margate stopping off and checking out some more of Broadstairs and also Whitstable, both very nice relaxing towns by the sea with interesting stuff to photograph whilst enjoying the sea air and getting away from the hustle n’ bustle of London life.

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Whitstable’s seafront beach, pebbly so wear flip flops unless you like to torture your feet (like I did ouch!)


Sea Wall sign in Whitstable Harbour


Fishing boats moored up in the quaint Whitstable Harbour


The ideal sleeping view! rent this room with a window looking out onto Whitstable Bay


Used surfboard collection in Whitstable Harbour


Amusing Simpsons sign for a restaurant in Whitstable Harbour


Seagulls give an empty oyster pile a good going over for any left overs


This house front in Whistable Harbour is a work of art – literally!


Margate Harbour Sunset Time Lapse video


Tudor House in King Street, Margate


On this particular evening I was lucky enough to catch the Thanet Classics Car Club display along the Margate Harbour Arm – nice collection of Mod scooters


1970’s Stingray classic car on display at Margate Harbour Arm


The bronze shell lady of Margate Harbour Arm watches over a collection of the now defunct Sinclair C5


Looking our towards the sea from Margate Harbour Arm with sunset and VW Camper van


Looking from the harbour arm at the sun setting over the Old Kent Market in Margate, like the orange skies reflection in the buildings window in this one!


With the tide out you can get some really nice sun reflections on Margate beach – good night Margate!


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