After haggling a price for a taxi I left straight from Jiuzhaigou airport to Huanglong along the winding mountain roads that became a sort of race track for the driver!
Eating some hot sweetcorn brought from a local seller with some friends from Malaysia who I shared a taxi with
After the a brief stop off to admire the mountains and pay respects to Tibetan prayer flags I arrive at Huanglong National Park
The cable car building at Huanglong
Map of Huanglong. As you can see you catch a cable car up the mountain and make your own way down
On the cable car heading up the Huanglong mountains
This map of the area of Huanglong can be seen once you exit the cable car at the top of the mountains. Around 5,580 - 18,300 feet and spanning an area of 2.2 miles.
Moss, snow and a wooden cabin roof - one of my favourite settings!
The great snow-capped mountains of Huanglong as seen from the decking at the top of the cable car exit
Looking out onto the spruce virgin forests of Huanglong, in the right corner you can see the Multi-colored Pond in the distance
A aerial view of Erdao Lake (containing the Multi-colored Pond) and Zhaga calcified waterfall
The wooden decking walkways of Huanglong National Park
Looking through the trees at the Multi-colored Pond
Start of the Zhaga calcified waterfall which stretches for about 3 miles
The scenic views of Huanglong mountains
Sign for the Multi-colored Pond in Huanglong National park
The Jade Colored Pond with the Middle Temple in the distance - you can just make out the dots of people walking along the walkway to the left of the temple
The Middle Temple, halfway along the 2.2 mile hike through the mountains of Huanglong National Park
The Zhengyan Colored Pond
Thought this was an interesting hat to snap!
Looking up the Zhaga Waterfall. The layered calcium carbonated deposit patterns give the appearance of a winding golden dragon
Sign for the Wucai Five Colored Pond in Huanglong National Park
The mystical Yingbin Colored Pond in Huanglong-National Park
Following the route down the Zhaga Waterfall to the bottom of Huanglong National Park
The exit of Huanglong National Park, after hiking the 2.2 mile walk through the mountains I thought I was meeting the taxi drivers I had hired for the day...
...but they weren't at the exit! after spending a few hours in this building at the exit of Huanglong trying to get some help they turned up to my relief! (they had my travel bag in the boot of the car)
Himalayan 'Yaks' crossing the street - view from the taxi on the way to Jiuzhaigou
Tibetan Buddhist Centre I saw on the way to Jiuzhaigou from Huanglong - after a long day of flying, hiking & taxi rides, the hectic traffic on this part of the journey was the icing on the cake so to speak!