As I arrived in Hong Kong one of the first things I noticed was the protest movement was still going on, it was in it's last stages but made for some interesting photos!
The umbrella, the symbol of the Hong Kong protests
This modern building of the central business district was overshadowed by the many tents of the protesters
What has been named as the 'Lennon Wall', thousands of stickie notes written by people from across the globe in support of the protest
Tent Tank
One of the protesters reading material, like the different shades of purple in this photo
The story of the Umbrella Movement in plain English
This is cool, Studio Ghibli characters holding the yellow umbrellas!
Wire elephant sculptures outside Times Square
Awesome wire car scuplture, this reminded me of something out of the film Roger Rabbit
It's great that they still run the Hong Kong Tramways here, or 'Ding Ding's' as their known
The famous Sogo building in Causeway Bay, this place is kinda like New York Times Square but there own one called 'Times Square Hong Kong'
The ever so colourful street life of Hong Kong, this street is in Mong Kok
Close-up of a HK public light bus
Public light buses waiting to depart
Woman shopping in a Hong Kong market
One of the thousands of colourful fluorescent signs in Hong Kong ~ like the tea symbol in this one
A classic HK building in Kowloon, this one's a hote
Looking out of the cable car on the way to see the Tian Tan Buddha
The huge Tian Tan Buddha of Hong Kong, the two guys in the bottom of the picture make me think of wise old martial arts teachers for some reason...
The Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island ~ isn't he something! wow
The Offering of the Six Devas, here's two of Buddhistic statues praising and making offerings to the Tian Tan Buddha with the backdrop of the Po Lin Monastery in the distance
The Muslim Cemetery in Hong Kong
I actually got locked into this cemetery with a mix up of the shutting times, getting out proved to be quite difficult as well but thats another story, it was all worth it to get this cool night shot!
Poster for the Hong Kong French Film Festival I spotted in the metro station
The Hong Kong Symphony of Lights show on the water front
Bruce Lee coming at yer...