Morning from my lovely budget hotel room in Dieppe, now it's time to cycle into town to catch the ferry home...
I spotted this house with what I'm guessing is the date the building went up in different colour tiles on the roof!
Dieppe harbour in the morning
There's the Transmanche ferry I'm going to be catching at 11.00 am from DFDS Dieppe Ferry port, the 'Seven Sisters'
The view from the ferry docked in the port of Dieppe - lot's of caravanners parked can be seen in the distance who will be coming back to the UK from their summers spent in France!
View from the deck as we travel back to the Newhaven, UK from Dieppe, France - I met some other cycle tourers as well so we had a lot to chat about and share our journeys tales!
The return ferry the 'Seven Sisters'
Cargo ship spotted out on the English Channel - I'm guessing it's a Chinese one!
And there they are, the Seven Sisters in Sussex and my last photo of the entire trip before we arrive in Newhaven harbour - another fantastic adventure completed by bicycle in France! Vive La France!!! :D
Up the Seine without a Paddle 4K (click on the picture to play)